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Welcome to Compromised! a LiveJournal Community devoted to Mochizuki Jirou & Katsuragi Mimiko from the anime series, Black Blood Brothers!

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our community and return again very soon.

Due to technical difficulties (and a certain level of technology unfriendliness -_-;), the plans for including links to the available episodes and music from the series are on hold. >.> If anyone has any suggestions on how to make a table magically appear in this space without stretching all out of proportion and/or losing the cells...please leave it/them in a comment. @.@ Thank you!

BBB novel/manga

I'm looking for the scans of the Black Blood Brothers Novel. I found only a few info about it... some pages claim it has 8vol, some 11 and ongoing ^^' There do exist a scanlation of BBB ver~C (plot after the anime playtime). It's a gathering of 4 different short stories (to me it looks more like 4 doujins in one volume xD) the download is possible here (but you have to register for free first :P)

I'm looking for the scans,l because I have the crazy idea to translate them xD whatever it take I'm gonna do this heheheh (but without scans no hope T_T)

So I have a favor!~ could you make a survey among your friends? Maybe finally we could find a person with the title and a scanner around xD yeah~


Hello everyone,

I wanted to introuce myself.
My name is Terra and I´m new to the BBB Fandom!
I´m sad that there is no sequel, ova or Movie to this great
Anime! I think to many thinks are not resolved in the 12 Episode.

So and I need to see, that the fanfiction community is realy quiet around this Pairing Jiro x Mimiko....i found only 3 fics...and two are from here. :)

I can´t write fanfictions, but I can draw little fanarts or other sweets little goodies :)

I wish you all a nice day and best regards
Hello everyone this is my first time posting here and I would like to say hi to everyone and bring a present. This is my first Jirou/Mimiko one shot. I hope you guys like it.

Blood Seduction
Author: azure_moonchild
Characters/Pairing: Jirou/Mimiko
Nope, not mine.
Warning: Lemon, plain and simple. Might cause temporary nosebleed.


Gin-Tou -- BBB Fanfic

Title: Gin-Tou
Author: kittsune
Rating: G (K)
Summary: Red, Black and Silver...Mochizuki Jirou and the colours that represent him.
Word Count: 252
Author's Note: My first BBB fanfic (more like a drabble) . . . as well as the first fic I’ve written in a while. Please be gentle, ‘k? =^.^=

*** ~ ***

Read 'Gin-Tou' by KittsuneCollapse )


BBB icons starring Zelman Clock~

Hey all, I did an icon batch featuring Zelman. Not intended as bases, but feel free to edit, and credit back if you snag any!



See the rest here!


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